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Professional & General Liability coverage
for Registered and Massage Therapists

Impact Insurance Brokers Inc. has been a leader in providing specialized coverage for Holistic professionals for more than fifteen years. Our focus on delivering forward thinking coverage, like ‘occurrence based policies’ with the broadest definitions of modalities at cost effective pricing, has served thousands of practitioners over the years. With our instant on-line quotation and policy issuance software, we’ve made purchasing insurance an ‘almost’ painless experience.

Policy premiums start at $195.00 per year and offer you:

  • Meets or exceeds all Canadian College requirements
  • Exclusive wordings
  • Multiple modalities for one low price
  • Instant on-line quotation and certificate issuance for your College
  • Available property coverage extension
  • Retroactive coverage available

Our coverage includes:

$2,000,000 Professional Malpractice and Business Liability on an
 ‘Occurrence basis’ policy that simplifies your insurance purchase.

  • ‘Abuse and Molestation’ extension – on a Claims Made Form
  • per claim/annual aggregate $100,000
    1. Expenses for the defense of civil actions
    2. Includes Legal Expense Reimbursement of $25,000 for criminal actions
  • ** Coverage only applies when you are pleading and adjudged to be innocent of the offence

  • $500,000 Unintentional Breach of Confidentiality  Claims Made Form
  • $100,000 Employer’s Liability - per occurrence
  • $500,000 Tenant’s Legal Liability - per occurrence
  • Included   Unintentional Failure to refer to Healthcare Provider       

Click on the link above and find out for yourself whether our product line meets your insurance needs. 

Our broad list of therapies automatically includes:

  • Body Work: Shiatsu, Reflexology, etc.
  • Massage: Registered, Relaxation, Therapeutic, etc.
  • Services to Bring Healing Relaxation to the Mind and Body
  • Energy Healing Services: Reiki, etc.
  • TCM and Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Spa & Esthetician Services
  • As well as many additional modalities and therapies 

Our enhanced definition of insured practices offers coverage for a broad array of modalities. Listing practices rather than modalities allows coverage for all modalities that utilize and conform to the corresponding therapies. Consequently massage covers all such similar therapies regardless of the school or clinical title. The same is true for energy work such as Reiki, Healing Touch and all similar therapies. If your treatment can be defined by the list of practices, they are automatically covered.

For your convenience and guidance a listing of modalities is included. If you practice in Canada and conform to the broad definitions above, you can participate in our insurance program.

RMTs: Primary Health-Care Providers

Registered Massage Therapy is a recognized health care treatment and as such eligible for reimbursement under most employee healthcare plans. Massage therapists invest time and money to become educated and certified in massage therapy, and in many cases are governed by specific Provincial Regulations and a sanctioned College. Registered Massage Therapists, or RMTs, must meet standard qualifications in different provinces and are bound by specific guidelines in their practice. For example, in Ontario an RMT would have to complete the following to earn their credentials:

  • Completed a 2-3year program at an accredited institution
  • Passed an entry-to-practice exam that examines their abilities to safely offer massage therapy treatments
  • Participate in a quality assurance program with the governing body; The College of Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario
  • Thus, they are accountable to The College of Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario and subject to any disciplinary actions through their complaints process

Shiatsu Massage: TCM Meets Massage Therapy

Seeing an RMT for treatment is more than a quick rub down at the spa! An RMT uses massage therapy to manipulate the soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments to treat pain. The training and accreditation is an investment into building a career as a primary health-care provider and is not taken lightly! It is only logical for any RMT to protect their interests by holding an insurance policy designed to cover their best interests! Massage, RMT, and Shiatsu insurance policies are available to purchase through specialized insurance companies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a type of massage therapy called Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu means "finger pressure” and this body work uses the palpitations of the fingers, thumbs, feet and palms to relieve muscle pain. The approach follows the fundamental beliefs of TCM – following the ideal of Qi, or an energy balance. A Shiatsu massage therapist will work to align the Qi (or balance) through vital points on the body. It is used to reduce tension, stress, and abdominal pain- leaving you balanced and calm. However, Shiatsu massage can be considered aggressive, especially by clients new to the treatment.

Specializing in Massage, RMT, Shiatsu Insurance

All health practitioners strive to meet their client’s needs in achieving renewed health and vigor. But living in a litigious society things can go wrong. Holistic health providers have spent years establishing their practices – so invest wisely in an insurance policy that best protects your interests.

Impact Insurance Brokers has been providing holistic practitioners with some of Canada’s leading products for over fifteen years. Try our on-line application, with instant policy issuance today. Our industry best ‘Occurrence Based’ policy is available at very competitive prices.

Some Tips For You and Your Patient’s Safety

Clinic owners and massage therapists should follow some simple risk management strategies to minimize the chance of legal liability actions.

  • Inspect and maintain all equipment (including massage chairs and tables) regularly to ensure a safe
  • Environment for both practitioner and patient.
  • Communicate effectively with new clients and returning ones to get a touch point on how they are feeling.
  • New patients usually feel apprehensive about what they’re getting into, so set their minds at ease. Even follow up with an after-session courtesy call to check in and see how they are doing and ask if they have any post session questions.
  • Ensure your clients’ personal information stays confidential. A breach of privacy can cause a practitioner both civil and criminal complications.
  • Keep accurate written records of all treatments and discussions – it will provide a level of professionalism and confidence to your clients